Ana & Alfredo
A loft that leaves no one indifferent

A very personal, eclectic, daring, fun and artistic loft home, in which the personality of its owners makes the difference. It is one in which each space surprises and leaves no one indifferent, this type of home that you cannot locate in a specific geography and that, perfectly, we could find in New York, London, Madrid or… Alicante, as is the case.

Jonaitis family
Enjoying life with family.

A newly built home that did not meet any of the family’s criteria for use and aesthetics. They wanted a home that offered a greater sense of space, light and usability. And that’s what we did, we designed for them a spacious, bright house that offers them a new way of life.

Cristina & Manuel
A house with character

A new situation and a challenge for us. We knew that we would have to make, more than ever, a custom made home for them.

Carmen y Felix
We needed a change

We have recovered little things that were in our lives that were important to us.

Mariángeles & Juanjo
The luxury of views to the Mediterranean

When your home enjoys magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea, it is clear that the renovation project must revolve around them.

Nuria and the sea

The connection and link with the sea has been one of the particular features of this project.