A new state of consciousness

We have a dream

Improving people's life experience

"The housing of our time does not yet exist. However, the transformation of the way of life demands its realization."

- Mies van der Rohe -

We design homes
that excite

Imagine that there is another way of living.
Imagine another way of feeling,
of beginning to connect with yourself
and with the essence of life

Housing with a soul

The living space
that transforms you

We propose unique homes that surprise you
and offer new sensations and experiences.


The adventure of a great project

We like to think we can change the world, and we do it by helping to improve people's lives

But this is only the beginning

Art at home

The importance of Art in our life

The Volta_ experience

Carmen & Felix
We needed a change

Our immediate life project at this moment is to enjoy, to enjoy nature, the sky… and for our family to enjoy it too. It’s as simple as that.

The Volta_ experience

Cristina & Manuel
We were certain that we would achieve it

We were confident that we were going to get what we wanted. In the end, what we have is a true marvel.

The Volta_ experience

Ana & Alfredo
We wanted the house to create that element of surprise in people.

The quality in the attention to detail and care that you put into the projects is what made us choose. The house would have been very different without Volta_. When people come and ask…we wanted it to create that element of surprise in people.

The Volta_ experience

Esther & Quique
We like our new us

We wanted a comfortable, tidy, functional, and out of the ordinary space. It has ended up being that and more; it’s a house that conveys peace and harmony, no matter how you come from outside.

The Volta_ experience

Ana & Jose
You read our mind

We are very homey and, when we are not traveling, we love to come home and have it to our liking, a quiet space, with our things, feeling that sensation of being at home, of being at peace, that your home is your world. Really, right now we cannot imagine it in any other way, we are very comfortable.

Imagine what we can do for you

Love and passion is in the details

Tell us your story

something big is about to start