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The importance of ART in life and at home

Art and housing

the living space

At Volta_ we want to highlight the need to incorporate Art as an essential value in life and housing. We understand Art not as a decorative element, but as a means of connection with the contemplative experience and the vital space that is your home.

We advise you on the incorporation of works of art in your home, whether as part of your renovation project, new home, as a collector or investor.

The experience
of contemplation

Art transforms home into a space for contemplation, for temporary disconnection and connection with another state of consciousness. The space that makes you connect with yourself.

Beauty inspires and elevates us, through emotions, enriches us and makes us grow.Art turns our home into a sanctuary, a place beyond the functional and the practical, giving us the aesthetic experience.

Volta_ Gallery

In collaboration with SANTAMACA ART GALLERY (santamaca.com) we give voice and space to ART in general, supporting it from the dissemination, proposing exhibition projects in our studio trying to contribute to the cultural scene of our city
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Volta_ offers you a unique experience
Visit the artists' studios to get a new perspective on art: discover from the artists themselves, their work, how they create, how they get inspired and how they work. Get to know personally the soul behind the art.
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