Hello, we are Volta_

We design housing with people in mind

"The home is undoubtedly the most important architectural space in human life"

Our mission

To highlight the importance of housing in our lives

The home is not the object but the space where we live. The quality of the space and qualities of the materials that make it up undoubtedly affect our senses and way of life.

The secret of a Volta_ house

We design homes that are space, light, functionality, beauty and harmony. A Volta_ home is synthesis, a unique space that adapts to your needs and the changes that occur in your life. A Volta home_ is you.
Homes with a soul that offer you new sensations, experiences and ways of life . Moments that arise from the dialogue between you and your home, offering you the moment of connection with yourself and the present moment.

Exciting housing

What can we do for you

Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Art, Consulting, Construction Management and much more

Our goal:
make it very easy for you

The search for a home and its subsequent renovation to turn it into a unique home is a job that requires a great team, passion, dedication, commitment and, above all, love… a lot of love.

We will accompany you throughout the process to make it easier for you. Get excited with us and feel the excitement of designing a home to suit you with the peace of mind and security of having a team by your side.

Dare, imagine and dream how you want to live.

Volta_ designs and builds the house you need.

We design unique homes

The passion for what we do comes from our obsession to offer you a new and better way of life, focused not only on your needs, but also on providing you with new experiences. We try to reflect all this in the design of your new home.

This passion for our work has made us experts in lifestyles and home craftsmen.

Design, Service and Integral Management

To achieve a Volta_ home, it is essential to be able to add value from our creativity and experience and all the parties involved in the process must be aligned in terms of objectives.

That is why we offer a comprehensive service that covers the entire process and includes consultancy, project design, interior design, management of all administrative and construction management up to the delivery of your new home.

All of this always looking after you, your concerns and everything you might need.


Our projects start when we meet people

When we saw your proposal we loved it, you read our minds! The project you presented to us looked amazing, it was impossible to say no!

How do you want to live

At Volta_ we advise you and manage everything related to the interior design, furniture, lighting and even the works of art that best fit in your home.

Think and dream of a way of life,
we will help you to make it a reality.

That easy

Clear and transparent processes

In a Volta_ project each phase is very well defined. Each one leads to the next, always with your approval, and we keep you informed at all times of the stage of construction or renovation of your home.

We know what it takes to wait


Get to know you

We meet with you to get to know you, tell us what your needs are and find out more about your tastes and lifestyle. This stage is essential in order to develop a personal and unique project that is a reflection of your personality and fits perfectly with your way of life.


Project design

This is where the magic happens. We turn everything upside down to give you a way of life captured in highly detailed images and plans. Everything is anticipated so we can check every finish and design with you.



Development and assembly of the budget, which we present to you for your assessment, in which we study every last detail. After your approval, we move on to the implementation of the project in the construction phase.


We plan and contract the work with the different trades and companies throughout the entire renovating process of your home so that you don’t have to worry about anything. We keep you informed of the progress being made and the deadlines being met.


Happy Delivery

After the last phase of revision and checking to make sure that everything is in perfect condition, the great and long awaited moment arrives, handing over your new Volta_ home to you. A new and happy stage begins in your life.

Love for detail and things very well done

We don't understand any other way of doing things, because in the end it's all about adding value and improving your life.

A new concept in new build housing

Volta homes_

For the visionary property developer

Imagine getting things right from the start

We design homes for development that thrill, housing typologies of this century with finishes and details with a new and different standard of quality.