Cristina & Manuel

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Cristina & Manuel


A house with character

A new situation and a challenge for us. We knew that we would have to make, more than ever, a custom made home for them.

Cristina and Manuel contacted us from Madrid to assist them in finding a home in the center of Alicante and later adapt it to their needs. There was an immediate special connection with them, and we understood the kind of individuals they are: cosmopolitan, restless, worldly people who live life to the fullest.

Cristina has reduced mobility and moves around in a wheelchair. She is a very independent person despite her circumstances. It was a new situation, a challenge for us, and we knew that we would have to create a custom home for them more than ever before. It has been a project in which every decision had to be validated to ensure that the house would become a home when they finally moved to Alicante.

Due to the location, the opportunity arose to purchase a home in a historic building on Doctor Gadea Avenue, a building that, in our opinion, aligned well with their personalities and lifestyle in terms of style. However, as with any major project, there was a drawback: the entrance hall was not adapted.

An extra challenge

The building's entrance hall was not accessible, so at Volta_, even though it's not our usual task, we decided to accept the challenge of making the entrance hall accessible. It wasn't an easy task, but with determination, anything is possible. At Volta_, we love Voltaire's quote that says, 'No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.

Knowing how to read pre-existences

We immediately fell in love with the concrete screens that support the building, as well as the original wooden carpentry and other pre-existing elements such as the tiled terrace.

The layout of the house was strongly influenced by a chaotic structure formed by concrete screens, although it was relatively easy for us to adapt it to Cristina and Manuel's needs. The main circulation in the house is a diagonal line that runs from the rear patio and kitchen to the terrace. This diagonal element imparts a very special dynamism to the house, which we reinforced by laying the wooden flooring in that orientation.

The character of the pre-existing elements has been enhanced with some of the materials used. On one hand, the special reddish-toned Dossier wooden flooring installed diagonally with boards of three different widths. On the other hand, the vitrified green tiling used in bathrooms and other spaces in the house, which reminds us of original materials from the construction of that era.

The terrace

We step out onto the terrace through a restored and motorized door. Here, we find a welcoming space with a wooden panelled ceiling, almost tropical in style. It's a space to enjoy the views of one of the city's prominent avenues and the sea.

We are all unique and irreplaceable, so we have tried to create a different space with character that would adapt to Cristina and Manuel's needs. We have put a lot of effort and love into every part of the process, and we are very pleased with the final result. Now, the most important thing remains: that they live, enjoy, and fill their new home in Alicante with life.

Ficha técnica

Location: Alicante

Area: 113 m2
Year: 2022

Flooring: Oak wood flooring, variable width 90/140/180 cm.
Carpentry and panelling: Design by Volta_ veneered in oak.
Kitchen island and countertop: made to measure in black Granite with a leather finish.
Washbasin and toilet: washbasins made of black granite with a leather finish, ROCA toilets.
Toilet bench: made to measure in black Granite leather finish.
Bathroom taps: TRES.


Sofa: STUA mod. Costura
Auxiliary table: STUA mod. Solapa
Dining table: ARPER mod. Eolo
Dining chairs: ARPER mod. Duna


Living room floor lamp: MILAN mod. Twains
Suspended dining room lamp: MILAN mod. Loll

Photography: Agustín David Forner (