Jonaitis family

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Jonaitis family


Enjoying life with family.

A newly built home that did not meet any of the family’s criteria for use and aesthetics. They wanted a home that offered a greater sense of space, light and usability. And that’s what we did, we designed for them a spacious, bright house that offers them a new way of life.

Elvinas and his family, originally from Lithuania, love Spain, not for any esoteric reason, but simply for the light, good food, and all the pleasures of the peaceful life that our climate offers, especially in the Mediterranean.
This led them to purchase a newly constructed home in a development near San Juan Beach, a home they never actually moved into. They liked the development, but neither the design nor the layout of the house met their needs and tastes. They wanted a home that would provide a greater sense of space, light, and usability. That's why they contacted us and asked us to rework the project and present them with a design that would surprise them. And that's exactly what we did; we designed a spacious, bright home that offered them a new way of life.⁠⁠

They wanted a home where they could enjoy being together. Due to studies and work, they don't spend as much time together as they would like, but when they do, they like to savor those moments of quality within the small universe that is their new home.⁠

It has been a comprehensive project in which the entire layout of the home was completely changed, and where each piece of furniture and artwork was carefully selected. ⁠⁠
A home in which light and a sense of balance were fundamental for the owners. Therefore, white, neutral tones with pops of color, wood, and furniture with simple and organic shapes were key elements in the design.⁠⁠

The kitchen island

The large kitchen island, sharing space with the living room, sitting area, and workspace, blurs the boundaries between the kitchen and the living area. Its multiple uses make it very versatile. While cooking, preparing a snack, or making coffee, you can do so without losing visual contact with the rest of the family. When time is precious, those moments of sharing and enjoying each other's company are the little big moments of the day. ⁠⁠
When you enjoy everything you do, in the end, you have no choice but to be happy.⁠⁠

Furniture and art.

There's no doubt that the selection of furniture pieces has been one of the key elements in the development of the Jonaitis family's house project. Examples of this include the Òlia side table from Beltá & Frajumar and the Canut bedside lamp from Esiluz for the master bedroom. Less is more.⁠
Art is another strong element in this house, and the proposal for a large-format painting by the Alicante artist Jesús Zuazo was well-received, a piece that presides over and gives character to the living room of the house.⁠⁠
Elvinas and his family are delighted... and we are even more so to see them happy.⁠⁠

Ficha técnica

Location: Alicante

Surface area: 122,00 m2
Year: 2021

Flooring: Two-layer oak parquet, 180 x 1000/2200 mm format..
Carpentry and paneling: Volta_ design oak veneer and white Zenit MDF.
Kitchen island and countertop: custom-made white Silestone countertop.
Bathroom countertops: crafted from white Dolomite marble and Cream Marfil marble.
Bathroom faucets: TRES.


Sofa: STUA mod. Costura, with chaiselongue
Coffee tables: GAU de TREKU⁠⁠
Dining table: ARPER mod. Nuur, Polyethylene base with an optical glass top
Dining chairs: ANDREU WORLD mod. Nuez, terracotta brown color
Kitchen island stools: STUA mod. Onda, chrome-plated steel frame


Suspended luminaires in the kitchen: ESTILUZ mod. Volta
Floor lamp in the living room: FAMBUENA mod. Excéntrica
Suspended luminaires in the living room: LOUISPOULSEN mod. PH5
Wall sconce in the living room: FARO mod. Luna

Photography: Agustín David Forner (