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Ana & Alfredo


A loft that leaves no one indifferent

A very personal, eclectic, daring, fun and artistic loft home, in which the personality of its owners makes the difference. It is one in which each space surprises and leaves no one indifferent, this type of home that you cannot locate in a specific geography and that, perfectly, we could find in New York, London, Madrid or… Alicante, as is the case.

Ana and Alfredo came to visit us because they saw a virtual project of a home in Luceros that we had designed to assist in its sale.

In the first meeting, they decided to undertake the project with us. We felt aligned, and ideas and enthusiasm were flowing from both sides. It was love at first sight, that house brought us together, and we were going to build a special and unique space and way of life for them.

At first, it was challenging for us to grasp the tremendous freedom they gave us, so after several versions of the project, we managed to define the final layout.

As we like to say, we don't design objects or even spaces; we design unique ways of life. The combination of Ana and Alfredo with unconventional lifestyles has resulted in a very personal, different, and eclectic home in which the personalities of the owners make all the difference.

They tell us

“We are very much into going out for dinner, eating out and whatever else, but since we have been living in this house, apart from the obvious excitement it gives us, we feel much more like being at's so nice!

In the past, when the weekend came, we were literally eager to go out; and now, of course, we still go out, but less and, above all, we really want to enjoy lunch, dinner or a drink on our island, living room or patio, alone and with friends.

Talking about hedonism, we are like that, and our house reflects it: starting with the bathtub presiding over one of the two entrances to the bedroom, passing through that large mirror, with the dressing table playing an important role... Also the dressing room... That island that is the heart of the house... A "flexible room" which, although we call it that, is a boudoir in the modern style and we love it... All pleasures for the senses, without losing sight of how functional all these rooms and elements are for us in our day-to-day life...".

“We like beauty, beautiful things, the beautiful. And we could not have done this project with a studio that did not have the concept of beauty in mind at all times, regardless of what is trendy and originality, comfort, functionality and illusion. That's why Volta_ had to do it”

The yard and the kitchen island

We needed a lung in the heart of our home, so we expanded and opened up the existing yard, turning the central area of the house with less light into a special place.

The placement of the kitchen in this location is not accidental either, as it effectively utilizes this central space with a prominent island.
With these decisions, it's clear that a space previously considered residual in the house has become the heart of life and gatherings with friends.

A bathroom space.

We could perfectly avoid using the word 'bathroom' to describe this space because it is so open and different that it loses some of the typical characteristics of a bathroom, such as privacy, dimensions, spatial relationship, and finishes.

The bathroom area in the suite is one of the interesting points of the house, because the bedroom and the bathroom are separated only by the vanity.

The shower without a screen is a very open area filled with plants; we could almost say it's a space where water falls rather than just a shower.

Some of the details in this bathroom that distance us from a more traditional view include the freestanding bathtub with views of the entire house, or the sink in a piece of furniture that, along with the mirror, separates us from the bedroom; or the closed toilet in a tiled volume with a door hidden by the tiles and a glass ceiling... or even the partially tiled ceiling, preserving the preexistence of the old kitchen.

We like to think of it as an evolution of the traditional bathroom in the lives of Ana and Alfredo.

Furnishing and spatial definition

We have to emphasize the importance of furniture selection in this project, as it has been essential to complete the configuration and define the character of each space. Ana and Alfredo have also been very eclectic in this regard, using both existing furniture and new acquisitions.

Work area

An integrated home workspace doesn't necessarily require a lot of space to be functional. An example of this is the compact and well-integrated space we designed for Ana. On one hand, she has everything she needs within easy reach and well-organized, and on the other hand, she has access to natural light, which makes it very pleasant. We believe that these two elements are essential for a functional workspace that also allows us to work comfortably.

In summary

It's an atypical project for Volta_, a very personal, eclectic, daring, fun, and artistic home, in which the personality of its owners makes the difference. It's a loft-style house where every space surprises and doesn't leave anyone indifferent, the kind of home that you can't pinpoint to a specific location and that could easily be found in New York, London, Sao Paulo, Madrid, or... Alicante, as is the case.

Ficha técnica

Location: Alicante

Surface area: 180 m2
Year: 2022

Flooring: hand-troweled concrete manufactured on-site.
Carpentry and paneling: design by Volta_ MDF wood painted on-site.
Kitchen island and countertop: custom-made in Guatemalan green marble.
Sink and toilet: sink made of Ibiza white marble, ROCA brand toilets.
Vanity unit for courtesy restroom: recovered and restored in natural stone.
Bathroom faucets: TRES.


Sofa: mod. Bend by Patricia Urquiola / B&B Italia
Coffee table: mod.  Graphium / Zanotta / Intramuros Store (Alicante)
Dining table: table  Burin De Patricia Urquiola / Viccarbe
Dining chairs: mod.  Cesca
Armchair: MG501  Cuba Chair Carl Hansen & Søn / Carlhansen and son / Intramuros Store (Alicante)
Terrace chair: Swivel chair Globe / Flexteam
Kitchen Island stools: last Minute by Patricia Urquiola / Viccarbe / Intramuros Store (Alicante)
Office chair: mod. Hopsak / VITRA and painting from Intramuros Store (Alicante)


Chandelier lamp: Chandelier De Gino Sarfatti / Floss

Photography: Agustín David Forner (