Carmen y Felix

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Carmen y Felix


We needed a change

We have recovered little things that were in our lives that were important to us.

Carmen and Felix are a charming couple who live in Madrid, now retired and with life experiences that anyone would wish for themselves. They have dedicated their lives to genetics and teaching in architecture, respectively... and to traveling with their children.

As they themselves tell us, this story begins when Carmen inherits a home in the heart of Alicante from her parents, a home where she had spent some summers and was filled with memories, and her mother had asked them not to part with it... and so they did.
Initially, they wanted to modernize the home by changing finishes and little else, but in the first meeting, as open-minded individuals, they realized they had the opportunity to make a complete transformation of the house and the way they lived in it.

"In Carmen's words: 'What we saw in Volta_ was another way of understanding structure and space, and this is what encouraged us, the possibility of changing the space. At this stage in our lives, we needed a change.

Having the view indoors.

The most significant feature of the house was the breathtaking views of Santa Barbara Castle, so the layout of the home has been primarily designed to enhance their contemplation. This is something of utmost importance to them, and as they tell us, they have become experts at reading the sky.

The rear views are equally impressive. In a 70m2 living space, having such unobstructed views makes it feel much more spacious. This sensation is also enhanced by the cross-views, which are a common feature in our projects, traversing and connecting spaces, as well as the combination of multiple functions within the same space.

The light and color of the sky.

Felix, the author of books like 'The Japanese Garden: A Phenomenological Perspective,' in which he discusses space and light in architecture from the perspective of different cultures, emphasizes the importance of the large window we designed for their home. It's not only the significant influx of natural light but also how it frames the ever-changing sky and views throughout the day, becoming an integral part of the home experience. Carmen adds: 'It's not unusual for us to sit down to dinner with a soft light inside the house while gazing at Santa Barbara Castle; this sense of spaciousness both inside and outside the house is something wonderful.'

A house for the family.

"Despite being a small house, the renovation has completely transformed the spatial sensation. It gives the impression of being a much larger house, even though it retains the same square meters. Interestingly, those who have felt it the most are our grandchildren; for them, it's a continuous journey, a non-stop play".

It's a home that the entire family now enjoys, and from the beginning, it has been designed with that usage in mind: Carmen and Felix with their grandchildren, their children, and their grandchildren, for summer, for winter... 'It's a house that everyone likes, both children and adults. Before, the family didn't come so often, but now we have to make a calendar to take turns.'

“This house is endearing and beautiful, it is for us... because we have reclaimed small things that were a part of our life and were important to us. We have regained space, light, and beauty... a lot of serene beauty".

Ficha técnica

Location: Alicante

Area: 80 m2
Year: 2021

Flooring: Couvet arena porcelain stoneware by Roca, 80 x 80 cm format.
Carpentry and panelling: Design by Volta_ veneered in oak.
Kitchen island and countertop: made to measure in black Granite with a leather finish.
Washbasin and toilet: washbasins made of black granite with a leather finish, ROCA toilets.
Toilet bench: made to measure in black Granite leather finish.
Bathroom taps: TRES.


Table: ANDREU WORLD mod. Reserve, polyethylene base with optical glass top
Chairs: ARPER mod. Duna-P
Kitchen stools: HAY mod. AAS 38, black polypropylene shell


Suspended luminaires in the kitchen: ESTILUZ mod. Back

Photography: Agustín David Forner (