Zuazo + Bañuls
The abstraction and sculpture dialogue

Zuazo + Bañuls

The upsetting pictorial abstraction of Jesús Zuazo and the exquisite and transgressive sculpture of Miguel Bañuls come together in this double exhibition

True to abstraction, it incorporates elements such as illusory space, background, perspective, and shading, thus reviving figurative tradition without in any way relinquishing the emotion or the purity of abstract painting.

In doing so, it manages to define a multidimensional universe that also incorporates classical elements such as perspective, light, and volume, without abandoning the flat and indefinite space proposed by abstraction.
My challenge is to capture the emotion evoked by simple forms, as well as to seek silent dialogue in a subtle space that allows us to slow down disturbing thoughts.

Color helps me imbue the form with symbolic intent. At times, these works transform into stained glass pieces capable of projecting images as intriguing as the volume itself, where color introduces a fourth dimension.

Perhaps the common denominator in all my work is the balance of masses, tensions, and emotions.