FOSC, dark
From the black that inhabits us to the black that envelops us

FOSC, dark

Fosc, dark in the Valencian language, alludes to the beautiful fabric of nature and the fire with drawing as an idea. The language of shadows, drawing and Nature. An exhibition in which Claudia Martinez expresses the maximum poetry with the minimum resources

Claudia Martinez's work unfolds between sculpture, installation and drawing. With her work she investigates the connection between space and matter, placing special interest in the sensuality of the materials and the relationship of the work with time, both in execution and in its permanence. Her doing vindicates categories that assume the feminine side of existence and the role of women in the social net, while trying to value the everyday world and small gestures through fabrics and manual labor. Her imagery is deeply rooted in biology and in all the complexities of the natural world.