From color to black and white.


This exhibition goes beyond a sudden change of tone or expression. It moves between different plastic languages and between different artists, but who are unmistakably close to each other, not only because of the incursion or not of the colour that they bring to their work, but also because of the processes that they capture in their way of expressing art.
Photographs, sculptures, drawings or paintings. Paper, canvas or steel. All of them with different actions and effects of being and being different but united by the same sensitivity and sincerity in their work.

Nature is the absolute protagonist of Pilar Pequeño's work, a body of work where beauty reigns above all else, but where we also find method, creative strategy, and coherence.
As a painter, as an artist, I work with the world of lines to trace the experiences through which we recognize ourselves. Drawing comes to us as a code of signs and ideas in which we can express our concerns.
Pepabe emerged as a way to bring to life my inner world, the most authentic part of myself that needs to express everything it holds inside. That part that, since I was a child, observes and processes a parallel reality, flows with refined architectural work, abstract artistic expression, clean, white spaces, and feels admiration and respect for all of them.
Academically trained in Alicante, Barcelona, and Valencia, but also seeking a sustained, constant, and well-informed artistic education in places like New York, Berlin, Paris, or Milan. She has endeavored, no more and no less, to educate the gaze and, with it, enhance taste, freedom, and expressive strength, experimenting with dialogue between gestures, strokes, tempos, stains, rhythms, spaces, evanescent forms, and chromaticism.
My challenge is to capture the emotion evoked by simple forms, as well as to seek silent dialogue in a subtle space that allows us to slow down disturbing thoughts.

Color helps me imbue the form with symbolic intent. At times, these works transform into stained glass pieces capable of projecting images as intriguing as the volume itself, where color introduces a fourth dimension. 

Perhaps the common denominator in all my work is the balance of masses, tensions, and emotions.
Claudia Martinez's work unfolds across sculpture, installation, and drawing. Through her work, she explores the connection between space and matter, with a particular focus on the sensuality of materials and the relationship of the artwork with time, both in its creation and its endurance.

Her work advocates for categories that acknowledge the feminine aspects of existence and the role of women in the social fabric, while also seeking to highlight the everyday world and small gestures through textiles and manual labor. Her imagery is deeply rooted in biology and all the complexities of the natural world.
Media bombard us with images of blood and tears. It's time for us to take an interest in beauty and aesthetics, not just wars and disasters. I still believe that photography can emotionally touch people. I believe that a photograph can be a testimony and a document of its time and that it can inspire us to talk to each other and create a better world.
I believe I take photographs so that the world doesn't disappear completely. My passion comes from childhood when I would close my eyes tightly so that what my gaze had just captured would always remain. Always there.