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Nuria and the sea

The connection and link with the sea has been one of the particular features of this project.

You'll find photos of the previous state of the house at the end of the report.

The project

The goal was to radically transform a beachfront apartment into a year-round residence that would allow for enjoying the connection with the sea while also having the character of a city center home.

Connection with the outdoors is crucial in areas like the Mediterranean, where the presence of the sea is a defining characteristic. In Nuria's home, it was essential for the terrace to be connected to the rest of the house while still retaining its essence as a beachfront balcony overlooking the San Juan Beach.

Open space and natural light

One of the primary reasons for altering the layout of a home is to harness the entry of natural light. It's essential to always promote its passage, as it provides us with brightness, visual volume, natural heating, and above all, the sensation of living in a more spacious and pleasant environment.

This was the case with Nuria's house, where the existing layout was not the most suitable for enjoying the spaces, light, and above all, having a functional home. We redesigned the layout to make it a bright home when necessary, while also providing the ability to filter and diffuse the light as needed.

A black steel frame delineates the separation between the 'terrace' and the rest of the home, but thanks to the continuity of the flooring, it achieves a seamless connection between the spaces. Making use of the terrace year-round is a real luxury, especially when you have these views.

The flow of movement

The distribution and connection of spaces in a home can be achieved in many ways, but the most important thing is to consider people's movement patterns and habits in order to provide greater mobility and spatial sensation throughout the residence.

In this project, as in most of the ones we undertake, we aim to eliminate separations and ensure that the home is felt and experienced as a whole, as a unique space that adapts to the conditions of the day and the lives of the people who inhabit it, as has been the case with Nuria.

The floor-to-ceiling wooden volumes and retractable doors play a significant role in the perception of spacious and clean passages that create a sense of connection. A space that remains open during the day can be closed at night to preserve the privacy of the bedroom, for instance.

Ficha técnica

Location: Campello, Alicante

Area: 89 m2
Year: 2021

Flooring: Porcelanosa Berna Caliza L porcelain stoneware, 120x120 format.
Carpentry and panelling: Design by Volta_ veneered in oak and white Zenit MDF board.
Kitchen island and island countertop: made to measure in black Granite with a leather finish.
Washbasin and toilet: washbasins made of black granite with a leather finish, ROCA toilets.
Toilet bench: made to measure in oak veneer.
Bathroom taps: TRES.


Table: ARPER mod. Eolo.
Chairs: ARPER mod. Catifa 53.
Sofa: NATUZZI mod. Tempo.
Living room armchair: SANCAL mod. Soul


Ceiling lamp in dining room: LOUIS POULSEN mod. PH5.
Floor lamp in living room: NEMO LIGHTING mod. Parliament.
Wall light in living room: FONTANA ARTE mod. IO

Photography: Agustín David Forner (