Mariángeles & Juanjo

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Mariángeles & Juanjo


The luxury of views to the Mediterranean

When your home enjoys magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea, it is clear that the renovation project must revolve around them.

The project

That was the premise for this project, something that Mariángeles and Juanjo, the homeowners, had clear from the beginning.

They lived in this house for a while before the renovation because they needed to understand the property and how it functioned. They observed that walking through the terrace was a constant activity due to their love for the sea views.

The project, therefore, began with the integration of the terrace into the rest of the home to be able to use it year-round while not losing the functionality of a conventional terrace. Thanks to the removal of visual barriers, now, as soon as they enter the house, they can enjoy wonderful views.

Open Space

The concept of a unified space is evident as soon as you enter the home, and thanks to the modular design of the project, it transforms throughout the day according to their needs, expanding space into space while also preserving privacy when they require it, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling retractable wooden doors.

A black island, a textured pillar, and the oak wood paneling are the main elements of the living/dining/kitchen area, an open space with few but carefully chosen elements and materials to create a clear, relaxed, almost timeless atmosphere that withstands the test of time. It's our way of avoiding trends and creating spaces with personality and a unique identity, exactly what Mariángeles and Juanjo wanted.

The furniture helps define the character and style of its owners, people who prefer to keep the house very tidy and free of unnecessary objects. The views and the light create a significant visual presence that stands out thanks to the absence of unnecessary elements.

The terrace

The importance of these spaces we call 'nooks,' which become favorites, has a lot to do with how they function and the sensations they evoke. The outdoor dining area we designed on the terrace has become one of their favorite nooks. Thanks to the connection to the outdoors, the views, and the natural light, it's now where they sit to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, or simply read while enjoying the views. What we did was enhance all of these qualities in the new design... and they are delighted.

Ficha técnica

Location: Alicante

Area: 102 m2
Year: 2021

Flooring: Vives Nassau-R Cream porcelain stoneware, 120x120 format.
Carpentry and panelling: Design by Volta_ veneered in oak and white Zenit MDF board.
Headboard: made to measure veneered in oak.
Kitchen island and worktop: Black granite leather finish made to measure
Washbasin and toilet: washbasins made of black granite with a leather finish, ROCA toilets.
Toilet bench: made to measure in black Granite leather finish.
Bathroom taps: TRES.


Table: INCLASS mod. Essens
Living room tables: DESALTO mod. Mixit 42
Chairs: ARPER mod. Catifa 53
Kitchen stools: in ash wood from Zara Home


Dining room ceiling lamp: PH5 Louis Poulsen

Photography: Agustín David Forner (